Hillary Clinton wins round one of the 2016 Presidential Debate

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By now we've all watched last nights 2016 Presidential Debate, or at least read social media reviews and memes, and one thing prevails . . . . 2016 Presidential Nominee and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton won the debate hands down.  A post debate poll conducted on CNN announced Clinton as the debate winner with 62% of viewers casting in her favor versus Trump's percentage was 27%.  Clinton was calm, collected, prepared, and factual (her real time fact checker on her site during the debate was absolute GENIUS); Trump was Trump, brash, combative, over talking, and emotional.  In what could easily be considered a farce of a debate, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stood on their platforms for approximately 90 minutes defending their stance on issues ranging from community policing (with a mention of Charlotte), birtherism, the Iraq war, global relations, taxes, and the oh so famous "presidential look", or her lack thereof according to Trump.

Trump continued to dance around the subject, i.e lying, that he can not release his tax returns due to being under audit.  He is now claiming that he will release the returns, pending the release of the 33,000 deleted emails from Clinton.  We all know he's not going to release the returns and we're glad that Clinton called him out on it boldly.  For a Presidential candidate to bask and gloat in the fact of not paying federal taxes is a slap in the face to hard working Americans who pay taxes to ensure this country stays afloat.

Trump in a delusional state of mind advocated for Stop and Frisk, a racial profiling measure that was deemed unconstitutional, in efforts to decrease crime, particularly in urban areas.  He combatively pronounced that the measure in fact was not deemed unconstitutional . . . . . How stupid can one be???  U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin did rule in 2013 that the stop and frisk practice violated the Constitution in the landmark case, Floyd v. City of New York.  Judge Scheindlin ruled that stop and frisk, in practice, had a discriminatory effect on blacks and Hispanics, violating the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments. “The Equal Protection Clause’s prohibition on selective enforcement means that suspicious blacks and Hispanics may not be treated differently by the police than equally suspicious whites,” the judge said. 

Clinton clearly affirmed that Trump built his political agenda based upon his attacks of President Barack Obama and his United States citizenship.  Since 2011, Trump has rambled on and on that our President was not a US citizen, so much so, that the President did indeed produce his birth certificate to cease all rumors.  Trump still carried on his tyrant for 5 years, as early as January 2016, and has now succumbed to being wrong.  Or in his words as he stated when questioned about his support of the Iraq war (which he how states he did not support - lol) . . . . . "the record shows that I'm right".

Of all the offensive and repulsive things Trump has said, critiquing the look of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is completely absurd, especially considering his hair and terrible tan.  Proven yet again, Trump denied saying that Clinton did not have "the presidential look" and opted for the word "stamina".  In a blatant lie, he rambled on and on completely forgetting his interview with ABC News where he is indeed quoted for having said, “I just don’t believe she has a presidential look, and you need a presidential look,” (read/watch it HERE).

On all accounts, round one was a landslide for Presidential Nominee and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Her experience deems her credible and her transparency is appreciated.  She acknowledged the emails, but still stood firm on her platform and cited actual plans of how to continue this country moving forward in the right direction.  Trump on the other hand answered hardly any questions.  He danced and tap danced around the issues by simply NOT answering the questions that were posed, and answering questions that were not posed.  

The next Presidential Debate is scheduled for Sunday, October 9th at 9pm.

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"And yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be President. And that is a good thing." - Hillary Clinton

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